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WEB DESIGN & development


We believe that beauty and functionality can and should coexist. HDS created sites focus on mobile-first responsive design, so that the user experience works seamlessly across platforms and browsers. We believe that online functionality should be intuitive, reflecting the unique needs of each client while improving the user experience with a keen understanding of web standards, accessibility as well as great typography and sophisticated design.





How many times have you picked up a book just because the cover looked interesting? Well...we're BIG book-people at HDS.  Our spaces are filled with books of poetry, biographies, sci-fi, art books, graphic novels, philosophy, classic children's books and more. Collaborating with skilled manufacturers or traditional book binders is part of the key to getting a beautiful product. We love working with different authors and publishers to create both physical and digital book covers that reflect their vision and lend an air of romance, intrigue or humor to the reading experience.

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Packaging Design & Album Art


You should love the skin your in and you should feel just as confident about the way your products are packaged. We understand the value of the tactile experience yielded through the use of different stock and printing methods and often take an artisanal approach. We effectively research and prototype and have established relationships with top-notch printers throughout the United States and Europe. We also know the importance of brand consistency and believe that the look and feel of your product's packaging should be reflected in your digital and print marketing.

Album art is where it all began for HDS. Album covers are truly our first love. Inspired by the work of Reid Miles (Blue Note Records) among others, our album packages are as much an example of brand identity as anything else we do. Every piece is strong and cohesive, from the front and back covers to booklets in physical or digital form, to fold-out posters and disc labels. As with book covers, an album's art-work is the foundation for all of a project's promotional campaign and can make the pivotal difference as to whether someone looks and discards, or listens and purchases, whether online, or in the store. Our team's wide-ranging music industry experience means that our music clients regularly extend packaging projects in to full-scale comprehensive identity branding campaigns, including: websites, one-sheets, ads and creating consistent branding across the various digital online platforms. 





We have one simple rule when designing a line or promotional piece for a business or not-for-profit–create something people will want to wear! We work with the clients, manufacturers, printers, and suppliers to create pieces that look and feel great. Our experience and established relationships in the clothing manufacturing industry help make the process smooth and the results top-notch.