Art Direction, Design & Photography

For rock legend Prince, Hayes Design Studios' Steve Parke was the perfect go-to for the bulk of his design and photography needs for over 13 years. Parke's creative relationship with Prince began with a piece of artwork that became the cover art for his album "Graffiti Bridge" and was quickly followed with designing and painting the elaborate set for Prince's seminal "Lovesexy" tour in 1988.

Typically groundbreaking, Prince became an independent artist in the early 1990's. Steve Parke and HDS motion graphic specialist Michael Van Huffel became the core design team for Prince's Paisley Park Studios and NPG Records, working with MTV, VH1, Warner Bros., EMI and Arista Records among others. Their work encompassed countless album covers for Prince and associated artists (both released and unreleased), product packaging, music videos and promo spots, magazines and books, designs for Prince's Glam Slam Clubs and NPG Stores in Minneapolis, Miami and London and some of the most intimate and iconic photography of Prince's post-80's career.

The artistry, style, whimsy and innovation in Parke and Van Huffel's work for Prince speaks for itself and represents the personal, artisanal approach we value at Hayes Design Studios.