Peace, Love, Solidarity & Action

We were moved to create an image that was beyond politics, an image that was grounded and yet hopeful. With Peace as our goal, Love as our guide and Solidarity as our commitment, it is through Action aligned with these principles that we effect change.



Peace, Love, Solidarity & Action tees
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Black, 100% cotton tee

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Solidarity through Action free web badge

Just like wearing a safety pin, this PNG badge is easily added to your website or blog and shows you and/or your business stand for solidarity.

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Action is part of the Hayes Design Studios philosophy

We are proud to work with many businesses, not for profits, artists and entrepreneurs who believe in using their platform to help our brothers and sisters of all backgrounds, protect our planet and raise awareness of important issues that affect us all.  At Hayes Design Studios we feel that good design for a good cause is good business and one way we, personally, can spread our message of Peace, Love, Solidarity and Action.