ARTISANAL adjective: pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product, carefully made in small quantities. ARTISANAL DESIGN has been used to describe Hayes Design Studios' work, noting the high level of craftsmanship and care put into every project. Each member of our team helps to create the bespoke, effective and unique solutions, tailored to each individual client. Attention to detail and execution—at every stage of the process—is what sets us apart.  learn more here.


Artists could choose to not be limited to that two months of the year, according to Hayes. Yes, he has made a significant mark on the Island with his graphic designs for local businesses and... more


The white couch at Jesse Hayes’ home office serves two purposes: business and therapy. It’s okay, designer Mr. Hayes tells his clients as they settle into the large futon. It’s going to be cool... more


Jesse Hayes, Top-Notch Design Man, Husband and Dad. With a long list of the island's most established, interesting, influential and soon-to-be influential businesses on... more